The Inspiration of Utah ~ Early Works

Early in my career I had an opportunity to teach a workshop at Anderson Ranch, in Colorado.  While on that trip I ventured into the majestic landscapes of Utah.  It was these vistas and the hues of the earth that inspired the beginning of my work as an expression of place.


4 thoughts on “The Inspiration of Utah ~ Early Works

  1. These are beautiful! I actually came across the #44 Tall Slab Bottle at a local shop. Was this a OOAK? The drip and coloration pattern looks identical to the one pictured here.


    1. Hello Terri Lay, Thank you for your kind comments. In your question, “Was this a OOAK?” I don’t know what the initials stand for. That whole series of work was inspired by hikes in Utah’s canyon country. Recently, the experience of 10 days on the waters of southeast Alaska have provided access to a new pallet of water and sky colors. Bu the way, where are writing from? Bob


      1. Hello Bob,
        Thank you for your quick response 🙂 I am in the East SF Bay Area. We so badly wanted to take a trip to Utah’s Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks this summer, but due to Covid restrictions, we just couldn’t make the trip. I can definitely see the inspiration in the Tall Slab Bottle, looks like one of the formations at Bryce Canyon for sure! OOAK stands for “One of a Kind”, and I was just wondering if your #44 Tall Slab bottle was a one of a kind because the one I found looks literally exactly like the one photographed on this page, down to the glaze drip pattern/placement. Is the one I found possibly the exact one photographed?
        An Alaskan water and sky inspiration sounds beautiful! I’d love to see these new pieces! Blues and greens really are my favorite 🙂


      2. Hello Again,

        What a pleasure to have this dialogue.. Let’s switch to my personal email address so that we can bypass this Word Press message system and then I can send along some images:

        I grew up in Santa Rosa, went to Cal Poly for architecture in San Luis Obispo, my parents remained in the bay area, SF then San Rafael. As a result free lodging and family time made coming to the bay area for art fairs and festivals most inviting (Berkeley, Concord, SF, Mill Valley, King’s Mountain were regular stops). I made my living as a studio potter for 20 years before I started teaching, retired from teaching in 2017 and have returned to the studio to continue the journey.

        Yes, the tall bottle form that you have encountered is the same one pictured on the website. It was special when it came from the kiln and remains so to this day. Can’t help but wonder about its journey from art fair to its present location in a store.

        Regards, Bob


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