Sea of Dreams

Single Boat isolated

In July of 2008, I invited 24 friends, co-workers and family members to be part of an exhibit entitled “Sea of Dreams.” The exhibit included 24 boat-like vessels that were  suspended from the eight-sided skylight in the Ann Foxworthy Gallery at Allan Hancock College. Sealed inside each boat was a letter from a participant and together they came to represent a collection of hopes and dreams for the future of our communities, the human family, our home planet.

The thoughts expressed in the “letter” were known only to each participant. It was a concept is rich in possibilities.

As I pondered the idea of doing more than suspending empty vessels from the ceiling, the concept of enclosing a collection of personal expressions of hope seemed especially provocative. Equally important to me became the realization that I do not want to know what expressions those who are participating have put forth. Thus a complicated scheme of envelopes was developed to allow me to insert each participant’s words and thoughts into the “boats” without being tempted to read what they shared.

After the exhibit each participant was given their boat to hopefully serve as a stimulating reminder of their participation within a community who share the belief that participating in art making is important and can be meaningful.

Here are a few images of our sailing journey.

Thank you so very much to everyone for sharing this journey with me.

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